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I truly appreciate your interest in finding out what's next, when goop-Jonathan's undergone eclosion, emerging winged.

Managing Expectations
This subscription won't be used but three or four times.
  • When Part 2 is Published
    Sometime between the last week of February to the second week of March.
  • When Chrysalis Completes
    I'm not sure when, but one will be sent...once the time feels right; chrysalis complete. It will provide a quick update with likely links to find more specific information...if your curiosity's piqued. ;)

  • An Unexpected Surprise
    If I receive a number of sign-ups that passes an unset threshold of surprise—and time has passed—I will send a quick survey. If it gets to that point, I'd be very interested to understand a bit more about why! It could also be called market research. 
I appreciate your time & attention. <3

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