By pledging to be 1 of 1,000 Men of Freedom you commit to...

Fight for Personal Freedom
Fighting for personal freedom means to reach out for help if you are struggling with sexual issues. Asking men to be vulnerable is a big risk, and we understand, however if there are sexual integrity issues we are here to help! All matters are private and confidential.

Fight for the Freedom of the Exploited
Fighting for others by refusing to engage in the commercial sex industry at all levels and be a voice to other men and call them to be the miracle God has called them to be. This is a call to purpose not perfection.  

Fight for Other Men
$25.00 financial support will further provide online conferences, support for the Men’s conference in October, Freedom Walk, support services for men in sexual bondage (i.e., classes, counseling, support groups, etc.), support for victims of exploitation and trafficking, provision of resources and general support. 

(Disclaimer – Be a Voice is the Men’s extension of FREE International)

As a thank you for pledging, we will send you a gift of a “1000 Men for Freedom” coin.
This is our gift to you as a sincere appreciation for your commitment.


Q. Can I still be 1 of the 1000 Men if I do not struggle with pornography or other vices?
YES! Your help is needed more than ever to Be a Voice for other men and the exploited. We need you and your leadership!

Q. Is the 25.00 pledge monthly?
No, it is a onetime contribution. 

Q. What if I am currently struggling with pornography and/or other vices?
You are not alone! Our commitment is to help men gain freedom from theses devices. If you desire help, please email me personally at There are several options we can explore.

Q. Is there a charge for the online conferences?
No charges for the online conferences. If there is no charge, then there are no excuses for using these to better yourself and others.

Q. Is there access to the teachings after the conferences are done?

Yes, the teachings will be available at the 1000 Men for Freedom page at no charge.
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